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KT&C ATC-HZ5536W-LPN Front Angled View

KT&C ATC-HZ5536W-LPN HD Auto Focus Optical Zoom Global Shutter Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ5540T-LP Front Angled Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ5540T-LPN HD Auto Focus 40X Optical Zoom Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ8340T-LCN HD 40X Optical Zoom Global Shutter Block Camera

1/2.6" CMOS, 1080p, global shutter, LVDS, CVBS, 40x Optical zoom, RS 232 TTL VISCA/Hitachi, DC12V (7~15V)

Introducing the KT&C ATC-HZ8340T-LCN HD 40X Optical Zoom Global Shutter Block Camera – a technological marvel in surveillance. With its cutting-edge features and precision optics, this camera redefines the boundaries of imaging excellence.

Equipped with a 1/2.6" CMOS sensor, this camera delivers impeccable image quality at 1080p resolution. The advanced Global Shutter technology eliminates motion artifacts, ensuring distortion-free images, even in high-speed scenarios.

Featuring an impressive 40X optical zoom capability, this camera captures intricate details from a distance, making it an ideal choice for precision surveillance. With both LVDS and CVBS video output options, compatibility with diverse systems is guaranteed, allowing seamless integration into your existing setup.

The inclusion of RS 232 TTL VISCA/Hitachi protocols ensures precise control and communication, making it a suitable choice for professional surveillance setups that require accuracy and ease of use.

The camera's adaptability extends to its power supply as well, with DC12V (7~15V) compatibility that offers operational flexibility, especially in dynamic environments.

The ATCHZ8340T-LCN doesn't just excel in technical prowess – its robust build quality ensures reliability even in demanding conditions, making it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

In conclusion, the KT&C ATC-HZ8340T-LCN HD 40X Optical Zoom Global Shutter Block Camera stands as a testament to innovation and precision. Its powerful zoom capabilities, advanced features, and compatibility make it a versatile and dependable tool for precision monitoring. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the ATC-HZ8340T-LCN and experience a new level of clarity and performance.