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Theia TL410A R5 CS Angled View

Theia TL410A R5 CS Motorized 4K Lens

Theia TL410P R3 CS Motorized 4K Lens

Theia TL410P R3 CS Motorized 4K Lens

Theia TL410A R6 CS Motorized 4K Lens

TL410A R6 CS

Unveiling Precision: Theia TL410A R6 CS Motorized 4K Lens

Delve into cutting-edge industrial imaging with Theia TL410A R6 CS Motorized 4K Lens. This lens, engineered for excellence, offers an ultra-high resolution of true 4K, boasting a 12-megapixel capacity for unparalleled clarity in industrial and machine vision applications. The fully motorized lens features dynamic control over zoom, focus, and iris functions, providing a seamless and precise imaging experience. Some models even incorporate IR cut and limit switches for enhanced versatility.

The compact design of TL410A R6 CS allows seamless integration into domes as small as 4”, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained environments. With compatibility ranging from 1/2.3" to 1/1.7" sensor sizes, this lens adapts to diverse industrial camera setups. The IR correction ensures reliable Day/Night vision performance, adding another layer of functionality to this exceptional lens. The inclusion of DC Auto Iris technology further enhances adaptability in varying lighting conditions.


  • True 4K, 12-megapixel resolution
  • Fully motorized with zoom, focus, and iris control
  • Compact design for 4” mini-domes
  • IR correction for Day/Night vision
  • Compatibility with 1/2.3" to 1/1.7" sensors
  • DC Auto Iris technology


  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Machine vision systems
  • Industrial imaging technology
TL410A R6 CS  
Mount Type CS-Mount 
Focal Length 4-10mm
Iris Type P-Iris
Image Circle Ø9.4mm at FL 4mm
Resolution 12.4 megapixel
F/# F/1.4 @ 4mm - F/2.4 @ 10mm to close
IR Correction 440nm – 950nm (Day/Night)
Focus Range 0.5m - infinity
Lens Length (TTL) < 64mm TTL
Back Focal Length (BFL) 8.4mm (in air)
Chief Ray Angle (CRA) < 7°
Geometric Distortion < 61% at 4mm, < 8% at 10mm
Relative Illumination >45%
Lens Transmission >80%
Weight 75g 
Operating Temperature -20C to 60C (<70% humidity, non-condensing) 
Storage Temperature -30C to 70C (<90% humidity, non-condensing)