UAVs/drones provide useful services to a myriad of applications; and while security and surveillance are most familiar, the world really is their oyster. Used also for search and rescue, inspection, farming, sports, aerial video and photography and surveying, they are now becoming the real estate person's right hand. It is well known that a UAV/drone is an aircraft without a pilot on board. They can be controlled remotely (e.g. flown by a pilot on the ground at a control station), or they can fly autonomously guided by a predetermined, software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with GPP (Global Positioning System).

There are certain parameters with which a UAV/drone camera must operate. It needs to be very small, have a controller with which to guide them, and a receiver to translate what is being seen directly to the user. However, drone work inherently comes with camera vibration and movement. This becomes extremely problematic, specifically at the telephoto end, and can destroy an ideal video - even when post-processing software attempts to correct the blurry images, only to end up with reduced image quality.

What do the MP1010M-VC Full High Definition (FHD) small form camera module,  the AVP AEG-Controller-MP1 Controller, and the Aegis SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM/SDI-MP10-GM/HDMI-MP10-GM Dual HD-SDI / DVI(HDMI) Output Video Transceiver have in common? All are individually part of a trio  ear-marked for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones, to better accomplish their aerial tasks, and that Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. has available now, to better enable users to acquire and develop, all needed components in one place.

What makes this announcement even more astounding, is that the MP1010M-VC has an industry-first feature - optical image stabilization. Utilizing Tamron's Vibration Compensation (VC) feature which eliminates image blurring, crisp, clear images are assured even in a vibrating environment.  The minute size of 1.26” x 1.63” x 2.30” (31.9 x 41.5 x 58.4 mm) and weight of 2.71 ounces (77 grams) of this compact module is changing the face of drone utilization forever. In addition to its size, a stellar feature of the MP1010M-VC, is that this camera module can be extensively customized, making it ideal for adaptations in UAV/drone work.

The MP1010M-VC FHD (Full High Definition) video output is compatible with industry-standard 1920 x 1080.  The module provides high resolution, high quality images , all while allowing it to be placed in UAV/drones without affecting the aircraft. While other styles of small-sized cameras are available,  the MP1010M-VC‘s module is a dream come true for drone manufacturers, as its weight, size, and picture quality have all advanced by Tamron’s Vibration Compensation (VC) feature. The VC eliminates image blurring in a flying aircraft.

Even with this integrated optical vibration-compensation feature included, the entire module is physically less than 2-1/2 inches in total length. Because of the MP1010M-VC’s miniature size, current housings are able to be used again, an installation space savings.

The MP1010M-VC ultra-compact camera module video output is compatible with industry standard 1920 x 1080/60p FHD. Well appointed, it has a 1/3-type CMOS (Progressive Scan) imaging sensor with nearly 4,080,000 pixels, a 10x optical zoom lens, and a horizontal viewing angle of 58.2º to 6.9º wide to telescopic end.

Created to operate in tandem with the Tamron MP1010M-VC FHD block camera module is the hand-held, portable, AVP AEG-Controller-MP1 Controller. This durable controller has a standard keypad layout, easily functions in tough and demanding environments. Additionally useful, is its ability to be programmed to control the greater part of the MP1010M-VC camera’s functions, including:

  • Power - On/Off
  • Save – enabling the camera’s current settings to be the default settings when the camera is subsequently turned on
  • Zoom – telephoto and wide, as well as zoom speed
  • Digital Zoom - On/Off
  • Focus – Far and near; and from auto to manual
  • Freeze
  • E-Flip
  • Mirror
  • Gain
  • Iris - Open/Close/Reset
  • Image Flip / E-Flip
  • Ability to switch between HD720p 60fps mode, HD1080i 60fps mode and HD1080p 30fps mode; the camera must be powered down in order for the change to take place.

The AVP AEG-Controller-MP1 controller can also accept custom program settings, allowing customization for the application. The up (increase) and down (decrease) arrows are activated by Iris, Zoom, EXP (setting the camera in Manual Exposure mode, with 22 steps ranging from 1/1 shutter to 1/10000), using the up and down keys to increase or decrease shutter speed), Gain, Focus, and Brightness. The AEXP, auto exposure, allows the video signal to output the optimum image for subjects from low light conditions to bright light conditions.  Its power requirements are a 12 volt DC (Direct Current) via the 4 pin jack or 9 volt DC battery.  Sized to fit in the palm of the hand, this controller is  .79 inches high x 5.82 inches wide x 3.35 inches in length (20mm H x 148 mm W x 85mm L). Small, accurate and ready for work.

The final part to this amazing trio is the small form factor Aegis SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM/SDI-MP10-GM/HDMI-MP10-GM Dual HD-SDI / DVI(HDMI) Output Video Transceiver, which supports the digital video interface of the Tamron block camera module MP1010M-VC.

With the ability to change generic digital video streams into standard compliant formats, the Aegis SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM/SDI-MP10-GM/HDMI-MP10-GM Dual HD-SDI / DVI(HDMI) Output Video Transceiver supports diverse values from the transceiver side, including DVI/HDMI and HD-SDI.  Copper and fiber cables maintain the physical media support, and, this transceiver can support numerous progressive (1080p) and interlace (1080i) HDTV (High Definition Television) formats.


  • Digital 4 channel LVDS video input from the camera
  • 1080p output at 30Hz and 25Hz
  • 720p output at 60Hz and 50Hz
  • Full automatic video input standard detection
  • Dual HD-SDI outputs (SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM and SDI-MP10GM only)
  • SDI outputs compliant to SMPTE424m / SMPTE292M
  • DVI video output over HDMI connector (SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM and SDI-MP10GM only)
  • Native digital signal processing chain for optimum image quality
  • RS202 and TTL level serial control interface
  • Robust RS485 differential serial control interface
  • Supply voltage 5 volts or 12 volt DC regulated
  • Board temperature monitoring with alert function

This transceiver can also connect to Sony FCB-EV block cameras by a 30 pin coaxial cable that is included in the SD-HDMI-EV-GM base cable kit. For the Sony FCB-EV cameras, the video standard provided by the camera is automatically detected by the SDI-HDMI-EV-GM module. In addition, the SDI-HDMI-EV-GM has an integrated test pattern generator (TPG) that can be operated independent of a camera - clearly the future is upon us.

Applications for the MP1010-VC camera module are unlimited, and thanks to their miniature size, they are at the fore-front for use in micro-drones and UAV's. Coupled with the AVP AEG-Controller-MP1 controller  and the Aegis SDI-HDMI-MP10-GM/SDI-MP10-GM/HDMI-MP10-GM Dual HD-SDI / DVI(HDMI) Output Video Transceiver, the ability to be a leader in UAV/drone technology is at hand. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc., a leader in industrial camera technology for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and drones, as well as thermal imaging components and machine vision imaging is at hand to propel you into the future.