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Theia MY125M-E Angled View

Theia MY125M-E Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens

Theia MY23F Angled View With Allen Wrench

Theia MY23F Ultra Wide No Distortion Lens

Theia MY125M-E-6S Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens

Upgrade your industrial imaging and machine vision capabilities with Theia MY125M-E-6S Ultra Wide Lens. No distortion, 5 MPX resolution, and patented Linear Optical Technology® for unparalleled precision.

Experience Precision Vision with Theia MY125M-E-6S

Unlock unparalleled imaging precision with the Theia MY125M-E-6S Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens, a cutting-edge solution crafted for industrial and machine vision applications. Boasting a remarkable 1.3mm focal range and patented Linear Optical Technology®, this C mount lens delivers exceptional clarity and detail with up to 5-megapixel resolution. The absence of barrel or fisheye distortion ensures distortion-free images, making it perfect for tasks requiring precision.

The pan focus feature maintains sharp focus on both near and far objects without manual adjustment, streamlining operations. Tailored for 1/2.5" sensor sizes or smaller, this day-only lens with manual iris provides optimal performance in various lighting conditions. Its 1.3mm ultra-wide perspective opens new possibilities for wide-area surveillance and monitoring.


  • Ultra wide, no barrel or fisheye distortion
  • Patented Linear Optical Technology®
  • 1.3mm focal range
  • Up to 5 megapixel resolution
  • Pan focus for continuous sharpness
  • For 1/2.5" sensor sizes or smaller
  • Manual iris for precise control
  • Day-only lens for versatile applications


  • Machine vision systems
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Surveillance
  • Quality control
  • Robotics
  • Automated inspection
  • Wide-area imaging
  • Precision imaging tasks
Focus Lock Thumbscrew and 2 setscrews 
Iris Lock Thumbscrew and 2 setscrews 
Mount Type C-Mount
Iris Type Manual
Focal Length 1.3 mm
F/# F/1.8 to closed
Image Circle 6.9mm
Resolution Up to 5 megapixels
Distortion (H) <3% barrel (for 1/3” sensor) 
Linear Optical Technology® Yes (note: this technology causes the image to be flipped) 
Pan-Focus Distance 0.3m to ∞
Minimum Focus Distance 0.1m
Back Focal Length 6.4mm (+/- depending on focus distance) 
Weight 103g