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Theia ML410P R6 Angled View

Theia ML410P R6 True 4K Standard Focal Range Lens

Theia MY125M-E-6S Angled View

Theia MY125M-E-6S Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens

Theia MY125M-E Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens

Experience unmatched clarity in industrial imaging with Theia MY125M-E. Eliminate distortion, achieve high-res precision. Upgrade your vision today!

Harness Precision Vision with Theia MY125M-E: Unmatched Clarity in Industrial Imaging

Introducing the Theia MY125M-E Ultra Wide Low Distortion Lens, a cutting-edge solution designed by Aegis Electronic Group for unparalleled precision in industrial and machine vision applications. This lens boasts a remarkable 1.3 mm focal range, offering an expansive field of view without the common issues of barrel or fisheye distortion. What sets this lens apart is its utilization of patented Linear Optical Technology®, ensuring superior image quality and clarity.

With a compatibility tailored for 1/2.5" sensor sizes or smaller, the MY125M-E achieves up to 5-megapixel resolution, catering to the demands of high-resolution imaging. The integrated pan focus feature is a game-changer, maintaining sharp focus on both near and far objects without the need for constant lens adjustments. This makes it an ideal choice for dynamic industrial environments where adaptability is key.

The compact design of the MY125M-E lens enhances its versatility, fitting seamlessly into various industrial camera setups. Whether deployed in robotics, quality control, or surveillance applications, this lens ensures precise and consistent imaging. Elevate your machine vision experience with the Theia MY125M-E, where innovation meets efficiency, and clarity meets performance. Choose Aegis Electronic Group for top-tier optical solutions in the industrial camera industry.


  • Ultra wide 1.3 mm focal range
  • Patented Linear Optical Technology® for distortion-free imaging
  • Up to 5-megapixel resolution
  • Pan focus ensures continuous sharpness without adjustments
  • Ideal for 1/2.5" sensors or smaller
  • Compact design for versatile industrial camera setups


  • Robotics and automation systems
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Surveillance and security monitoring
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Object tracking and recognition
  • Manufacturing process monitoring
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics
  • Agricultural automation
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Traffic and transportation monitoring
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • Remote sensing and environmental monitoring
  • Packaging and sorting systems
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Scientific research and analysis
Focus Lock Thumbscrew and 2 setscrews 
Iris Lock Thumbscrew and 2 setscrews 
Mount Type C-Mount
Iris Type Manual
Focal Length 1.3 mm
F/# F/1.8 to closed
Image Circle 6.9mm
Resolution Up to 5 megapixels
Distortion (H) <3% barrel (for 1/3” sensor) 
Linear Optical Technology® Yes (note: this technology causes the image to be flipped) 
Pan-Focus Distance 0.3m to ∞
Minimum Focus Distance 0.1m
Back Focal Length 6.4mm (+/- depending on focus distance) 
Weight 103g