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Theia ML410A R5 Angled Side View

Theia ML410A R5 True 4K Standard Focal Range Lens

Theia ML183A 1/2.3” Format, DC Auto Iris, C mount Lens

Experience unparalleled clarity with Theia ML183A Ultra Wide Lens. Perfect for industrial imaging. Upgrade your vision today!

Harness Precision and Versatility with Theia ML183A Ultra Wide Lens

Aegis Electronic Group introduces the cutting-edge Theia ML183A Ultra Wide Lens, meticulously crafted for industrial and machine vision applications. This C-mount lens boasts a versatile 1.8-3mm focal range, providing an expansive field of view of up to 116 degrees HFOV without compromising on image quality. With a wide aperture of F/1.8 and 5+ megapixel resolution, it ensures unparalleled clarity in imaging.

Employing patented Linear Optical Technology®, the ML183A eliminates barrel and fisheye distortion, delivering distortion-free images critical for precision applications. The lens is optimized for 1/2.3" sensor sizes or smaller, making it a versatile choice for various camera setups. Its DC autoiris feature adapts to changing lighting conditions, ensuring optimal exposure in dynamic environments.

The ML183A lens is equipped with Near IR correction, making it suitable for multi-spectral imaging and Day/Night vision applications. The inclusion of a slip ring allows for convenient orientation and positioning, providing flexibility in installation. The innovative EasyZoom™ technology minimizes the need for re-focusing post zooming, streamlining the workflow for users.

Whether utilized in robotics, automation, or surveillance, the Theia ML183A Ultra Wide Lens sets a new standard for industrial camera optics, delivering exceptional performance and adaptability for diverse imaging needs.


  • Ultra-wide 1.8-3mm focal range
  • Crisp 5MP resolution
  • F/1.8 aperture for exceptional clarity
  • Patented Linear Optical Technology® for distortion-free images
  • Near IR correction for multi-spectral and Day/Night vision
  • DC autoiris for adaptive exposure
  • EasyZoom™ technology for minimal re-focus post zooming
  • Convenient slip ring for orientation and positioning
  • Compatible with 1/2.3" sensors or smaller
  • Versatile C-mount design for various camera setups


  • Robotics and automation systems
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Object tracking and recognition
  • 3D scanning and imaging
  • Industrial monitoring and analysis
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Production line monitoring
  • Scientific research and analysis
  • Traffic monitoring and management
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics
  • Agricultural monitoring and automation
  • Material handling and sorting
  • Semiconductor and electronics inspection
  • Autonomous systems and drones
ML183A DC-Autoiris
Mount C Mount
Focal Length 1.8-3.0mm 
Linear Optical Technology® Yes  (Note: this technology causes the image to be flipped) 
Distortion <1%
Image Circle Ø7.4mm (at FL 1.3mm) 
Resolution Up to 5MPix resolution  
F/# F/1.8 to close 
IR Correction 435-850nm, <10um focal plane shift 
EasyZoom™ Yes
Minimum Focus Distance 30cm
Pan Focus .5m ~ ∞
Lens Length (TTL) 60.8 – 62.8mm
Back Focal Length (BFL) 7.8mm
Chief Ray Angle (CRA) < 15° 
Temperature Range -20C to 60C 
Weight 63g
Iris Cable Length 30cm