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Pleora iPORT CL-U3M-IND (903-0014) Front Angled View

Pleora iPORT CL-U3M-IND (903-0014) External Frame Grabbers With Development Kit

Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Full (905-0008) Back View With Power Port

Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Full (905-0008) External Frame Grabber In Mountable Enclosure

Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium (905-0001) External Frame Grabber In Mountable Enclosure

Revolutionize industrial imaging with Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium (905-0001). Transmit high-performance Camera Link video over 10 GigE, extending system capabilities and streamlining network integration. Explore the future of precision imaging today!
Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium (905-0001)

Unlocking Precision: Pleora iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium External Frame Grabber

Experience cutting-edge industrial imaging with Pleora’s iPORT™ CL-Ten External Frame Grabbers. Leveraging GigE Vision® 2.0 over a robust 10 Gigabit Ethernet link, these frame grabbers enable simultaneous transmission of video from two Camera Link Base or Medium cameras, or a single Camera Link Full camera, at maximum data rates. The CL-Ten's innovative design allows designers to extend and aggregate system cabling while seamlessly integrating Camera Link cameras into networked environments.

This external frame grabber converts video data into Ethernet packets, transmitting them over the high-speed 10 GigE link. With an impressive reach of thousands of meters, compared to the 10-meter limit of Camera Link, the CL-Ten facilitates flexible placement of processing and analysis equipment outside harsh environments or in centralized operations centers. Supported by Pleora’s eBUS™ SDK, designers can rapidly prototype and deploy production-ready software for video transmission over GigE, 10 GigE, and USB 3.0, all using the same application programming interface (API).


  • Dual Camera Link Medium or Base configurations
  • GigE Vision 2.0 over 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Long reach: 1000s of meters
  • Seamless network integration
  • eBUS™ SDK for rapid software deployment


  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Robotics
  • Quality Control
  • Automation Systems



iPORT™ External Frame Grabbers

•Highly reliable, 8.16 Gb/s data transfer rate with low, end-to-end latency
•Enclosed unit or OEM, in-system board set

eBUS™ SDK                   

•eBUS Universal Pro driver
•Support for CLProtocol
•Sample applications, including NetCommand™ sample application, a demonstration of multi-device network connectivity 
•Driver installation tool

Gige Vision® and  GenICam™

•Fully-compatible firmware load

•Guarantees delivery of all packets

•Comprehensive data transfer diagnostics 

Camera Link® cameras

•Compatible with Base and Medium mode cameras at up to 85 MHz

•Supports Power over Camera Link (PoCL)

•Supports CLProtocol

Hardware tap reconstruction

•Supports interleaved 2-tap and 4-tap configurations

•Support for key non-interleaved tap configurations


•6-pin circular, male


•Supports 10GBASE-SR, -LR, and –LRM using linear or limiting SFP+ modules

•Supports SFP+ Direct-Attach copper (passive, 7m maximum length) 

Video Interface 

•Four Mini Camera Link®

Inputs/Outputs and serial control interface  

•12-pin circular, female   

2 x TTL inputs

2 x TTL outputs

4 x TTL inputs/ outputs (configurable)

•Provides a flexible, general-purpose interface
•Allows synchronization of multiple devices or system elements
•Synchronized triggering of multiple network devices via IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol and Scheduled Action Command

Delayer, rescaler, general-purpose counter

•Allows full synchronization to line scan cameras

•Allows synchronized capture between multiple cameras

•Allows camera acquisition to track changing speeds on conveyor belts

UART and RS-232 Serial Links (LVCMOS/LVTTL)

•Serial control of camera and other devices via PC application over the GigE link

Size (L x W x H)  

•117mm x 100mm x 83.5mm

Operating temperature


Storage temperature

•-40°C to 85°C

Power Supply  


10 Gigabit Ethernet-Based

•Industry standard, easy-to-use equipment

•Supports IGMPv2, ICMP, and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol

Multicast Capability

•Standards-based, IGMPv2

•Enables advanced distributed processing and control architectures




•iPORT CL-Ten Does not include power supply


•iPORT CL-Ten Dual Medium in mountable enclosure Does not include power supply