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Navitar High Magnification Industrial Camera Zoom Lenses

Navitar Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens

Experience superior imaging with Navitar Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens. Versatile focal length, parfocal across entire zoom range, and robust construction make it ideal for industrial and machine vision applications. Upgrade your imaging system today!
Zoom 7000-2

Experience Superior Imaging with Navitar Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens

Unlock the potential of your machine vision and industrial imaging systems with the Navitar Zoom 7000-2 Macro Lens from Aegis Electronic Group Inc. Engineered with precision, this cutting-edge lens offers a focal length range of 18-111mm, empowering users with manual zoom capabilities for fine adjustments. The lens provides a flexible working distance from 5 inches to infinity, ensuring versatility in various imaging setups.

Designed to capture objects larger than 1 inch in diameter, the Navitar Zoom 7000-2 is compatible with sensors 2/3” or smaller, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial and machine vision applications. Its parfocal design maintains focus throughout the zoom range, eliminating the need for constant refocusing during operation.

With its robust construction, this lens withstands challenging environments while delivering superior optical performance. Whether in industrial automation, life science research, or other demanding fields, the Navitar Zoom 7000-2 excels in providing high-quality imaging results.


  • Focal length range: 18-111mm
  • Manual zoom for precise adjustments
  • Parfocal design maintains focus
  • Compatible with sensors 2/3” or smaller
  • Robust construction for reliability


  • Quality control inspection
  • Manufacturing process monitoring
  • Robotics guidance systems
  • Medical device inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
EFL (mm) 18.6~111 (6x)
Image Size (mm) 2/3” (Ø11)
F Stop F2.5~F16 (0.3~infi nity)
Focusing Range 0.12 ~0.3 (with close-up lens)
Focus Control Manual
Iris Control Manual
Field Angle 2/3 (HxV) W26.5 x 20 / T4.6 x 3.4
Field Angle 1/2 (HxV) W19.5 x 14.6 / T3.3 x 2.5
Field Angle 1/3 (HxV) W14.7 x 11.1 / T2.5 x 1.9
Field Angle 1/4 (HxV) W9.8 x 7.4 / T1.7 x 1.3
Resolution (Center, Corner) 100 lp/mm, 60lp/mm
Distortion (TV) W-2.3% / T 1.3%
Back Focus in Air (mm) 25.86
Filter Diameter M58 x P=0.75
Size (mm) Ø67x178.2
Mount C-Mount
Weight (g) 840