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Tamron LVZ3X3516N LWIR 3x Zoom Lens for VGA Detector Image

Tamron LVZ3X3516N LWIR 3x Zoom Lens for VGA Detector

Ganz CMB712-CS 600TVL Digital D/N Board Camera CS Mount Image

Ganz CMB712-CS 600TVL Digital D/N Board Camera CS Mount

Tamron LVZ3X3516A LWIR 3x Zoom Lens for VGA Detector

New Tamron 3x LWIR zoom lens for a totally new surveillance system.
Tamron LVZ3X3516A
This new product has the lightest weight with a compact size that rivals any commercially available fixed focal telephoto lens. Designed in a compact chassis that provide versatility in installations, applications, and system integration. It covers most commonly used focal length range of 35-105mm, with a constant maximum aperture of F/1.6 throughout the entire range. Optical zoom is the best method for achieving the highest quality image magnification, but also convenient for setting up an ideal field of view for the area of interest. With these features, this product will allow the users to build a totally new surveillance system that is ideal for their application.
Spectral Wave Length              
Focal Length
F number F/1.6
Zoom Ratio 3X
Flange back focal distance 9.7mm+0.3mm (in Si) (Barrel rear edge to image plane)
Detector package window (Si) t=0.66mm
Back focal distance

WIDE : 28.211 mm

TELE : 28.100 mm

Effective image circle dia. >14.5mm
FOV (Note *1)

H - WIDE : 18.0° / TELE : 5.9°

V - WIDE : 14.3° / TELE : 4.8°

D - WIDE : 23.1° / TELE : 7.6°

Focusing System Internal focusing system
MOD (Minimum object distance) WIDE : 7.0m / TELE : 7.0m
Max. object distance WIDE : 1013m / TELE : 3083m (Note *2)
Max. barrel dia. x length 82 mm x 130.1 mm
Weight 490g
Optical Image Stabilization N/A
Optical Zoom Motorized
Focus Control Motorized
Active Athermalization YES
Mount Type threaded, M34 x P0.5
Power Supply 9V DC
Power Consumption 0.7A
Communication Full duplex asynchronous serial communication
Operating Temp. (Performance) -10°C - 70°C  20 - 90%RH
Operating Temp. (Function) -20°C - 80°C  20 - 90%RH
Water & Dust Proof IP67 (front lens only)
Front Element Coating AR coating