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Sentech FS-B2KU7CLU | 2MP Monochrome Camera | Line Scanning Camera  Image #1

Omron FS-B2KU7CLU (FSB2KU7CLU) 2MP Monochrome Line Scan CL Camera (CMOS Sensor: DR-2K-7 - AWAIBA)

Sentech FS-B4KU35CLU | 4 MP Cameras | Line Scanning Camera Image #1

Omron FS-B4KU35CLU (FSB4KU35CLU) 4 MP Monochrome Line Scan CL Camera (CMOS Sensor: DR-4K-3.5 - AWAIBA)

Omron FS-B4KU7CLU (FSB4KU7CLU) 4MP Monochrome Line Scan CL Camera

The FS-B2KU7CLU is 4MP monochrome Line Scanning Camera Link Camera with High-speed exposure control, External trigger control, Flat Field Correction(FFC) (CMOS Sensor - DR-2K-7 - AWAIBA)

Sentech's FS-B4KU7CLU includes Camera Link Output and more.


  • AWAIBA Sensor
  • 4 mega-pixels
  • Pixel Size 7(H) x 7(V) µm (7 µm pitch)
  • F, C Mount

  • Machine Vision
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Model FS-B4KU7CLU
    Image Sensor 4k CMOS image sensor DR-2K-7 - AWAIBA
    Pixel Size 3.5(H) x 3.5(V) µm (3.5 µm pitch)
    Photo array length 14.336 mm
    Data rate 85MHz x 4TAP
    Video output Camera Link Medium/Base configuration (8bit/10bit/12bit)
    Power Input +12 Vdc to +24 Vdc
    Power Consumption 2.8W(TYP)
    Communication RS232 via Camera Link connector
    Function High speed exposure control External trigger control Flat Field Correction(FFC) FieldUpdate
    Fill Factor 100%
    Dimensions 80(W) x 58(H) x 26.5(D) mm (excluding the connector)
    Lens mount F, C
    Weight about 250g
    Interface connectors Camera Link connector (MDR) x1 Power connector (6pin connector)
    ROHS RoHS compliance
    Operating Temp. 0 to 40 deg. C
    Storage Temp. -30 to 65 deg. C