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Pleora iPORT NTx-U3 (903-0006) Front Angled View

Pleora iPORT NTx-U3 (903-0006) External Powered Embedded Video Interface Development Kit

U3V-Rx SDK EBus License File Image Logo

Pleora eBUS Receive (990-1005) U3V-Rx License File (MAC Address Needs To Be Provided)

Pleora eBUS Receive (990-1000) GEV-Rx License File (MAC Address Needs To Be Provided)

Unlock seamless GigE Vision stream reception with Pleora eBUS Receive. Remove watermarks effortlessly. Streamline your industrial imaging today!
Pleora eBUS Receive (990-1000) GEV-Rx License File

Revolutionize GigE Vision Stream Reception with Pleora eBUS Receive License

Harness the power of seamless image stream reception with the Pleora eBUS Receive (990-1000) GEV-Rx License File. This license is a vital component for applications demanding GigE Vision stream reception from cameras or devices lacking Pleora transmitter technology. By applying the license, users can effortlessly remove watermarks from videos or images, ensuring pristine data capture for analysis and processing. Each device requires its own license to eliminate watermarks, with no restriction on the number of receive streams per device. Compatibility with eBUS SDK 3.1 or higher ensures seamless integration into existing setups.

With Pleora eBUS Receive, industrial and machine vision applications can thrive. Its ability to remove watermarks enhances image quality for tasks requiring precision, such as quality control, inspection, and defect detection. Real-time imaging and video processing are streamlined, facilitating rapid decision-making in automated processes. From frame grabbers to industrial cameras, Pleora's solution empowers users to unlock the full potential of GigE Vision technology, propelling efficiency and accuracy in diverse industrial settings.


  • Removes watermarks from GigE Vision streams
  • Compatible with eBUS SDK 3.1+
  • No limit on receive streams per device
  • Enhances image quality for precise analysis

Supported Operating Systems


GigE Vision 2.0

    USB3 Vision 1.0

Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)



Windows XP (32-bit)


 Not Supported

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32 and 64-bit)        






•3rd Party Receiver License - GigE Vision A license required by each workstation for applications 
which need to receive video from GigE Vision cameras which do not contain a Pleora GigE 
Vision interface