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Navitar Apidae Wide and Narrow High-Performance | 4K HDR Lenses Image #1

Navitar Apidae Wide (2/3") and Narrow (1/2") High-Performance 4K HDR Lenses

Navitar Sparrow Wide and Narrow High-Performance | 1/2

Navitar Sparrow Wide and Narrow High-Performance 1/2" 4K HDR Lenses

Navitar Iguana 1/2" 4K HDR Lens

Developed for the mobile soldier, this super compact module offers astonishing athermal performance from -40C to 105C. Compact, robust and can be economically deployed at scale. The ideal solution for UAV applications such as building and power line inspection.
Navitar Iguana 4K HDR Lens

The Iguana is part of the family of high-resolution lenses for demanding imaging applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) forward-facing camera systems. Multiple fields of view are offered for 1/2", 2/3" and 1" sensor formats.




  • All glass construction
  • Rectilinear distortion correction (Narrow)
  • F-0 distortion (Wide)
  • Telecentric
  • Athermal operation
  • Superior stray light rejection
  • Optimized for HDR imaging applications
  • Survival temperature range -40C to + 70C
  • Operating temperature range -20C to +SOC





  • POV and action cameras
  • Virtual and augmented reality cameras
  • UAV and Robotic Imaging
  • Automotive - including autonomous vehicles
  • High-resolution security and surveillance
  • Police/fire body cameras
  • Navitar Iguana Specs:

    Diameter 20mm
    Field of View 140110.0° diagonal
    F/number 2.7
    Focal Length (mm) 3.25mm
    Focus Stability Athermal
    F-Ø Distortion <0.5%
    Image Circle Diag. (mm) 8.0
    IR Filter IR Cut Included
    MTF >0.4 to 90% field at 100 lp/mm
    Relative Illumination >70%
    Resolution On-axis: >00 lp/mm S&T / Field Edge: >125 lp/mm S&T
    Stray Light Rejection < 1E10-4 (In-field) / < 1E10-5 (Out-of-field)
    TTL 21.8mm
    Waveband 450nm-650nm
    Weight (g) 30 grams