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KT&C ATC-HZ8230T-LTN Front Angled View

KT&C ATC-HZ8230T-LTN HD 30X Optical Zoom Rolling Shutter Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ5240T-LCN Front View Angled

KT&C ATC-HZ5240T-LCN HD Auto Focus 40X Optical Zoom Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ8230Z-LTN HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera


Introducing the KT&C ATC-HZ8230Z-LTN HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera – a true marvel of surveillance technology.

Equipped with a 1/2.8" STARVIS Sensor, this camera captures every detail with exceptional clarity. Its FULL HD 1080p resolution ensures vivid, lifelike imagery.

The camera's auto focus capabilities extend to its impressive 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom, resulting in a remarkable 360X AF Zoom. This versatile range allows you to focus on minute details even from a distance.

Advanced features include a Progressive Scan function and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology. The Progressive Scan captures images without the distortion of interlacing, while WDR ensures optimal exposure in varying light conditions.

Low light environments are no challenge for the ATC-HZ8230Z-LTN, thanks to the Noise Reduction function (3DNR/2DNR/2DNR+3DNR). This function minimizes noise, ensuring clear images even in challenging lighting scenarios.

The camera offers a range of digital output options, from 1080p/60 to 720p/30, ensuring flexibility in capturing and transmitting footage. Additionally, the IR Cut-Filter can be disengaged for enhanced sensitivity in low light conditions.

Customizability is a highlight with the Privacy Zone Masking and Motion Detection features. These capabilities allow you to tailor the camera's operation to suit your specific surveillance needs.

Moreover, the ATC-HZ8230Z-LTN boasts a customizable title display, zoom/focus presets, and Digital Image Stabilization. These features enhance usability and image quality, ensuring seamless operation and clear visuals.

This camera's capabilities extend to various applications, from security and surveillance to data viewing and beyond. Its versatility, image quality, and innovative features make it a reliable choice for a wide range of scenarios.

In summary, the KT&C ATC-HZ8230Z-LTN HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera is a powerhouse of precision, adaptability, and advanced technology. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with this exceptional camera, designed to deliver outstanding results in every situation.