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KT&C ATC-HZ5230Z-LCN Front Angled View

KT&C ATC-HZ5230Z-LCN HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ7830Z-LTN Front Angled View

KT&C ATC-HZ7830Z-LTN HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera

KT&C ATC-HZ5630T-LPX HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera

1/2.8” Progressive Scan Rolling Shutter CMOS

Introducing the KT&C ATC-HZ5630T-LPX HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera – an epitome of precision and versatility in imaging technology. This camera blends cutting-edge features with adaptability to excel across a spectrum of applications.

At the heart of the ATC-HZ5630T-LPX lies a 1/2.8” Progressive Scan Rolling Shutter CMOS sensor. This sensor empowers the camera to produce remarkable FULL HD 1080p images with unparalleled clarity. The Progressive Scan technology ensures sharp and detailed images, even in challenging lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for various surveillance scenarios.

Unleash extraordinary zoom capabilities with the 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom, culminating in a total of 360x AF Zoom. Whether you're focusing on intricate details or tracking dynamic subjects, this camera excels, guaranteeing no crucial element remains unnoticed.

The camera's Auto Focus functionality ensures each frame is crisp and clear, enhancing surveillance precision. Capture vital information with unmatched accuracy, rendering it an optimal choice for applications demanding meticulous detail.

Beyond its remarkable zoom and imaging prowess, the ATC-HZ5630T-LPX camera boasts an array of advanced features. The True WDR technology ensures optimal exposure in high-contrast scenes, resulting in balanced and vibrant images. The 3D DNR and Defog functions further elevate image quality, guaranteeing clarity even in challenging environments.

Effortlessly integrate this camera into your setup with the UART RS232-TTL(Pleco-D, Pelco C, VISCA, Hitachi) compatibility. This feature enhances control and customization options, allowing for seamless integration into your surveillance infrastructure.

From surveillance and intelligent traffic systems to remote monitoring, the ATC-HZ5630T-LPX camera proves its adaptability. Its state-of-the-art technology and powerful features establish it as an indispensable tool across diverse applications.

In conclusion, the KT&C ATC-HZ5630T-LPX HD Auto Focus 30X Optical Zoom Block Camera stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability. With its cutting-edge sensor technology, comprehensive features, and compatibility, it redefines the boundaries of precision imaging. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the ATC-HZ5630T-LPX and experience a level of clarity and performance that surpasses expectations.