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IDS Imaging GV-5880FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Color Industrial Cameras Front

IDS Imaging GV-5880FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Color Industrial Cameras

IDS Imaging GV-5880FA-M-GL Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Monochrome Industrial Cameras

The GigE Vision CMOS camera GV-5880FA Rev.1.2 with the 1/1.8" rolling shutter CMOS sensor Sony IMX178 offers an extremely high resolution of 6.4 MP (3088 x 2076 px, aspect ratio 3:2), which is ideal for visualization tasks in microscopy or as a cost-conscious option for intelligent traffic systems (ITS).
GV-5880FA-M-GL Rev.1.2

The sensor from the Sony STARVIS series features BSI technology ("back-side-illumination") and is one of the most light-sensitive sensors with a low dark current close to the SCMOS range (Scientific CMOS).

It produces impressive results even in extremely low lighting conditions. Together with our GigE Vision industrial cameras, the Sony IMX178 delivers frame rates of up to 18 fps at full resolution. Thanks to the 1/1.8" sensor size, a wide selection of C-mount lenses is available for the GV-5880FA GigE Vision camera model.


  • 100% quality tested
  • Plug & Play
  • uEye+ software support
  • GigE Vision standard
  • GigE Interface
  • CMOS Sensor
  • C Lens Mount
  • Protection Code IP65/67
  • Power-Over-Ethernet
  • Colour Correction in Camera
  • Integrated image memory with 128 MB
  • 3 years warranty


  • Machine Vision
  • Traffic and Transport (ITS)
  • Medical Technology (and laboratory automation)
  • Metrology
  • Astronomy
  • Factory / Process Automation
Part # GV-5880FA-M-GL Rev.1.2: AB12561
Shutter Rolling Shutter / Global Start Shutter
Sensor Characteristic Linear
Readout Mode Progressive Scan
Pixel Class 6 MP
Resolution 6.41 Mpix
Resolution (H x V) 3088 x 2076 Pixel
Aspect Ratio 3:2
ADC 12 bit
Color Depth (Camera) 12 bit
Optical Sensor Class 1/1.8"
Optical Size 7.411 mm x 4.982 mm)
Optical Sensor Diagonal 8.93 mm (1/1.79")
Pixel Size 2.4 µm
Manufacturing Sony
Sensor Model IMX178LLJ-C
Gain (master/RGB) 14.5x/5x
AOI Horizontal Same Frame Rate
AOI Vertical Increased Frame Rate
AOI Image Width / Step Width 88 / 8
AOI Image Height / Step Width 1 / 1
AOI Position Grid (Horizontal/Vertical) 8 / 1
Binning Horizontal Increased Frame Rate
Binning Vertical Increased Frame Rate
Binning Method M/C Automatic
Binning Factor 2 / 4 / 8
Subsampling Horizontal Same Frame Rate
Subsampling Vertical Same Frame Rate
Subsampling Method M/C automatic
Subsampling Factor 2, 4, 8