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IDS Imaging GV-5040FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Industrial Cameras Front

IDS Imaging GV-5040FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Color Industrial Cameras

IDS Imaging GV-5880FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Color Industrial Cameras Front

IDS Imaging GV-5880FA-C-HQ Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Color Industrial Cameras

IDS Imaging GV-5040FA-M-GL Rev.1.2 GigE IP65/67 Monochrome Industrial Cameras

For excellent image quality even in low light scenarios or when the camera should take pictures of fast-moving objects: The IMX273 global shutter CMOS sensor from Sony's Pregius series is characterized by its sensitivity and high dynamic range.
GV-5040FA-M-GL Rev.1.2

The resolution of the sensor is 1.58 MPix (1456 x 1088 px pixels) with a pixel size of 3.45 µm, its frame rate is 78.0 fps.

The GV-5040FA Rev.1.2 (protection code IP65/67) can thus be used, for example, in safety technology for detailed evaluations in the area of quality assurance or for traffic monitoring and license plate recognition.


  • 100% quality tested
  • Plug & Play
  • uEye+ software support
  • GigE Vision standard
  • GigE Interface
  • CMOS Sensor
  • C Lens Mount
  • Protection Code IP65/67
  • Power-Over-Ethernet
  • Colour Correction in Camera
  • Integrated image memory with 128 MB
  • 3 years warranty


  • Machine Vision
  • Metrology
  • Surface Inspection
  • Factory / Process Automation
  • Logistics
  • Sports and Motion Analysis
  • Endless Web Inspection
Part # GV-5040FA-M-GL Rev.1.2: AB12692
Shutter Global Shutter
Sensor Characteristic Linear
Readout Mode Progressive Scan
Pixel Class 1.6 MP
Resolution 1.58 Mpix
Resolution (H x V) 1456 x 1088 Pixel
Aspect Ratio 4:3
ADC 12 bit
Color Depth (Camera) 12 bit
Optical Sensor Class 1/3"
Optical Size 5.023 mm x 3.754 mm)
Optical Sensor Diagonal 6.27 mm (1/2.55")
Pixel Size 3.45 µm
Manufacturing Sony
Sensor Model IMX273LLR-C
Gain (master/RGB) 24x/4x
AOI Horizontal Same Frame Rate
AOI Vertical Increased Frame Rate
AOI Image Width / Step Width 264 / 8
AOI Image Height / Step Width 1 / 1
AOI Position Grid (Horizontal/Vertical) 8 / 1
Binning Horizontal Increased Frame Rate
Binning Vertical Increased Frame Rate
Binning Method M/C Automatic
Binning Factor 2 / 4 / 8
Subsampling Horizontal Same Frame Rate
Subsampling Vertical Same Frame Rate
Subsampling Method M/C automatic
Subsampling Factor 2, 4, 8