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Sentech | FS-C2KU7DCL | Line Scan Camera Image #1

Omron FS-C2KU7DCL (FSC2KU7DCL) Line Scan CL CMOS, 2K, Color, Cased Camera

Sentech | FS-C8KU7DCL | Line Scam Camera Image #1

Omron FS-C8KU7DCL (FSC8U7DCL) Line Scan CL CMOS, 8K, Color, Cased Camera

Omron FS-C4KU7DCL (FSC4UK7DCL) Line Scan CL CMOS, 4K, Color, Cased Camera

The FS-C4KU7DCL form Sentech is a 4k Line Scan Camera Link camera featuring an 80 kHz Line Rate, Color or Monochrome models, Camera Link Output, and more.

Field Update Capabilities, Dual Line Scan, and C, F, or M42 Mounts are some of the configurations of the FS-C4KU7DCL.


  • CMOS Sensor
  • 4K Pixels
  • High-Speed Camera Link Output
  • F, M42 Mount


  • Machine Vision
  • Factory Automation



Model No


Image Sensor

4k CMOS Image Sensor, DR-2X4K-7-inver-RGB, (AWAIBA)

Active Pixels

4,096 Pixels x 2lines (Bayer)

Pixel Size

7 (H) x 7 (V) µm (7 µm pitch)



Photo Array Length

28.672 mm

Data Rate

85 MHz x RGB x 6 tap, 80 MHz x RGB x 6 tap, 50 MHz x RGB x 6 tap, 85 MHz x RGB x 3 tap, 80 MHz x RGB x 3 tap, 50 MHz x RGB x 3 tap

Maximum Line Rate

80.5 kHz (85 MHz x RGB x 6 tap), 75 kHz (80 MHz x RGB x 6 tap), 46 kHz (50 MHz x RGB x 6 tap), 40.5 kHz (85 MHz x RGB x 3 tap), 38.5 kHz (80 MHz x RGB x 3 tap), 24 kHz (50 MHz x RGB x 3 tap)

Video Output

Camera Link, Base/Medium/Full configuration, (8/10bit)



- Input Voltage

+12 Vdc ~ +24 Vdc

- Consumption

6.0 W (TYP)


RS232C via Camera Link connecter


Anti-blooming, High-speed exposure control, External trigger control, Flat Field Correction(FFC)

Fill Factor



77 DN / nj / cm2




56 (W) x 58 (H) x 26.5 (D) mm

Lens Mount

F Mount


About 198g

Interface Connector

Camera Link connector (MDR) x 2; Power connector (6pin connector)

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C




RoHS Compliant

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 65°C