Managing security and visitor data statistics in structures such as the new 1 World Trade Center (currently under construction) in New York City, requires technology that can produce clear and precise imaging. Some localities base allotted funding towards parks and other attractions based upon the number of visitors.  This requires exceptional video when picking out cameras for your infrastructure.  True IR cameras can encapsulate a large area of humans making surveillance and monitoring much easier with a broader scope.

    The Sofradir-EC Atom 80 offers an excellent solution to your imaging needs. The next generation, low cost uncooled thermal sensor camera core consists of a microbolometer array having 80x80 pixels with high infrared sensitivity.  Ideal for a range of applications that don’t require the higher resolution of traditional thermal imaging cores Sofradir Uncooled Microbolometer Core Camera

    Low cost, high volume applications can benefit from the Sofradir-EC Atom 80 IR camera.  Traffic monitoring, advanced intrusion detection, building and home automation control, non-contact temperature measurement as well as automotive night vision and obstacle detection.  Compact and lightweight, the Atom 80 offers a PC graphical user interface (GUI) as well as USB 2.0 via 14-bit steaming digital output.

    Sofradir-EC, in a new partnership with Aegis Electronic Group Inc., is adding true infrared imaging to our already expansive line-up of cameras.  Sofradir and Aegis offers cooled and uncooled infrared cameras at different wavelengths as well as lenses.  In true partnership form, products will regularly be launched so look for updates on our Twitter feed at and give us a shout out on Facebook at