USB 3.0 cameras, since their release in the past year, have come out as the heavy hitters in the industrial imaging industry, outweighing USB 2.0 and CameraLink along the way. Basler has been keeping up with their competition as of late with their own USB 3.0 cameras. Looking at the acA1300-30uc/m which comes from Basler’s increasingly popular ace Series camera line, it is easy to see why the camera’s sleek design, high-resolution, and low-cost are what draw consumers to this small industrial camera. With its 1294 x 964 pixel resolution, the acA1300-30u also comes with a pixel size of 3.75 µm and global shutter.


With a great camera (like the Basler Ace series mentioned above) many consumers are left with the tedious task of picking out the perfect lens for their needs, which is where the JCM Megapixel series of lenses from Kowa fit perfectly. Providing the precision and image quality needed to make the acA1300-30 worth the value coupled with low distortion, the JCM lenses have been created to perfect applications where precise iris setting is required. Lenses from the series include the LM8JC1MS, LM12JC1MS, LM16JC1MS, LM35JC1MS, and LM50JC1MS. These models have focal lengths ranging from 8 to 50 mm and use a floating mechanism system.

The pairing of these C-Mount lenses with the acA1300-30 creates a perfect camera for a wide variety of medical applications. Since it was implemented back in 2009 that all medical records must be electronic, the need to make all written files electronic has been settled, however, when it comes to images, easing the transition can be a breeze with the acA1300-30. Compatible with the Basler pylon Driver Package, the software requires low CPU resources, easing use for large doctor’s office or hospital wing.

Find out which Kowa JCM series lens is perfect for your application by calling one of our technically trained sales representatives now!

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