An Intelligent Traffic Camera – Can cameras really be intelligent?


Selecting the perfect camera to capture the demanding criteria of ultra-high image detail for intelligent traffic application can be a real challenge.  With the introduction of Sony’s new XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) SXGA IR Sensitive GigE Machine Vision Camera, which has a new higher frame rate, the challenge of providing high quality, high-performance imaging has now been answered! Industry-wide awareness of Sony’s forward-looking camera technology is familiar to all who seek industrial cameras. The newly expanded XCG GigE Series now includes five additional models:  the XCG-5005E (XCG5005E), the XCG-U100E (XCGU100E), the XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E), the XCG-SX97E (XCGSX97E), and the XCG-V60E (XCGV60E), illustrating Sony’s dedication to state of the art, high-performance cameras. While each camera in this XCG series varies in resolution and frame rate, unique benefits long-expected from Sony’s camera products remain constant. The XCG-SX99E, the XCG-SX97E and XCG-5005E all include critical functions for high-end security applications such as IR wavelength coverage (XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E)and XCG-SX97E) and an ultra-high five-megapixel resolution (XCG-5005E), offering choice, flexibility and high image quality. Specifically standardized for machine vision applications, the Sony XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) camera incorporates Gigabit Ethernet technology by responding to requests for large-scale systems that allow the transportation of large amounts of data over long distances (up to 100m). The series features a Sony-provided, dedicated image filter driver, enabling jumbo-packet data transfer across all industry standard hardware, and capable of non Gig-E Vision data transfer in GigE Vision environments. The XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) is outfitted with an image buffer, serving as temporary storage for captured images for later transmission or re-transmission, thus eliminating the loss of transferred data. This function allows users to maximize bandwidth in multiple-camera operations or reconfirm specific images as required. Reinforced with a variety of available peripheral devices, the overall cost of a vision system can now be reduced. These machine vision security camera (IR wavelength coverage) are the ideal selection for the variety of traffic applications present every day.  With ALPR (automatic license plate recognition), surveillance, speed control, parking and access control, incident detection, and traffic congestion management, the Sony XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) is just the thing for applications where the capture of ultra-high image detail (up to 27 fps) is paramount.  Thanks to their high shock and vibration resistance, the XCG Series cameras deliver outstanding performance in many challenging environmental conditions. In addition to its conventional trigger mode, the XCG Series features an advanced “Bulk Trigger Mode” and “Sequential Trigger Mode.”  The “Bulk Trigger Mode” allows the XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single software or hardware trigger. “Sequential Trigger Mode” periodically sends a software or hardware trigger to the camera to capture the successive images. By means of the cameras’ memory channel, up to 16 different settings can be called up to capture these images.  Utilizing these beneficial trigger options, the XCG Series reduces the need to receive signals from the host PC. The C-mount, compact XCG-SX-99E (XCGSX99E) camera is small, at 1.7” x 1.3” x 2.7”, and lightweight at a little over 5 ounces. This camera can deliver a resolution depth of up to 12 bits per pixel with a shutter speed of 2 to 1/100,000, which enables 0-18dB of gain control with 0-6dB of digital gain. Capable of being placed in space-restricted spaces, this GigE vision interface camera is the precise camera for specific factory automation, machine vision and high-end security applications. [caption id="attachment_2732" align="aligncenter" width="128"]Sony XCG-SX99E Sony XCG-SX99E[/caption] FEATURES:
  • Variety of Trigger Modes
  • 2/3” IT progressive scan CCD
  • B/W - 27 fps at full resolution
  • 1,360 x 1,024 SXGA resolution
  • Power on LED settings
  • XML File (GenI Cam Compatible)
  • Two connectors: RJ-45 (locking -20mm pitch)
  • EIAJ -12 pin (power, trigger-in, strobe-out, isolated digital I/O)
  • Progressive Scan Monochrome CCD
  • Power consumption:
  • 3.6WVertical and horizontal partial scanning.  By selecting a particular area of image to be scanned, users of the XC-SX99E can reduce data size and increase frame rate to minimize processing time.
  • Optional tripod adapter VCT-ST701
  • Optional camera adapter DC-700
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