After writing about the Sony EVID70 last week it would only be fitting if we covered how you might protect your Sony EVID70 this week. After paying hundreds of dollars on a high quality investment, anyone would be inclined to think on how they might protect their recent investment. Sony Dome Housings, designed especially for Sony’s very popular EVI-D70 camera, offer protection from vandalism and provides protection from natural elements. The housings are made of high-impact engineered plastic or cast aluminum that supports a temperature range of -20° to 110°F.

With six different models available, Sony has provided consumers with the freedom to find the right housing for them. You now have the option to choose from three outdoor models (EVI-FDP8C3, EVI-O8T3, EVI-RDP7C3) and three indoor models (EVI-RD7, EVI-ID8C1, EVI-ID8T1).

Protecting your investment in the EVID70 camera from the elements, has never been easier or had so many options available. If you’ve already purchased or are looking to purchase the Sony EVID70 camera, the next step is to protect your investment from the elements, with the Sony Dome Housing.

Are you looking for answers to your questions about the EVID70 that you still need answered? Check out last weeks blog about the camera: The Sony EVID70, Three Questions You Want Answered.

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