Sony is constantly adding new product to their line of industrial cameras in an effort to meet the needs of customers, and stay on the cutting edge of technology. The XCL-C Series has 5 new progressive scan cameras, all monochrome and all Power over Camera Link (PoCL). This new release has made the move from analog to digital less complicated.

[caption id="attachment_4088" align="aligncenter" width="300"]SONY XCL-C SERIES SONY XCL-C SERIES[/caption]

With Resolutions from VGA to 5M, Sony has a camera to meet your budgetary needs. The selection of models and resolutions available are the XCL-C500 (5M), XCL-C280 (2.8M), XCL-C130 (SXGA), XCL-C32 (1/2-type VGA) and XCL-C30 (1/3-type VGA). In addition to the range of resolutions, this series introduces some unique features that improve the performance and image quality; Shading Corrections, Defect Correction and Temperature Readout.  Minimizing the uneven image intensity caused by lighting conditions is addressed with Shading Corrections, automation in minimizing defective pixels directly inside the camera is worked out with Defect Correction and system configuration is simplified with Temperature Readout.

Applications that benefit from this new XCL-C series are Intelligent Traffic, Machine Vision and Security Surveillance just to name a few.